In the News

On Jun 13, Alec Maule and Joe Benjamin, US Geological Survey, Columbia River Research Laboratory, presented a webinar on their interdisciplinary studies and modeling of climate change in the Methow and other eastern Washington watersheds.

Boundary Creek Valley in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Photo courtesy of Bill Dolan

On May 9, Roy Renkin, Yellowstone National Park; Pam Sikkink, USDA Forest Service; and Geneva Chong, US Geological Survey, presented a webinar on vegetation monitoring in Yellowstone National Park.

Two new documents produced through the Joint Fire Science Program may be helpful to conservation planning and management. The first document is a synthesis of fire history and climate and the second is a brief on fire and bark beetles.

To help define conservation for the 21st century, the National LCC workshop in Denver, March 27-28, provided a forum for the LCCs and partners to share and discuss landscape conservation tools, approaches, challenges, and successes. Find out about the workshop program, presentations, and results by viewing the links below.

On April 18, Dan Isaak of the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Boise, Idaho, presented the webinar New Models and Decision Support Tools for Improving Management of Stream Ecosystems Under a Changing Climate.

On March 14, Michael Proctor, Trans-border Grizzly Bear Project, and Chris Servheen, US Fish & Wildlife Service, presented their research on using habitat modeling to identify core and linkage habitat across highways and settlement corridors in the Purcell, Selkirk, and Cabinet Mountains between western Montana and southeastern British Columbia.

This report highlights the activities and accomplishments of the Great Northern LCC in 2011. The content includes: