Workshops introduce vulnerability assessment tool

With funding support from the Great Northern and North Pacific LCCs, the Pacific Northwest Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment team from the University of Washington, organized four one-day climate adaptation workshops during 2012.

Two of the workshops were held in the Great Northern geographic area: the Pioneer Mountains – Craters of the Moon landscape and the Columbia Plateau landscape. The objectives of the workshops were to understand: 1) how the datasets and products generated by the Vulnerability Assessment could be used to facilitate on-the-ground climate adaptation planning, and 2) how climate data products could be made more useful for managers. 

Information developed at the Columbia Plateau workshop was used to inform the landscape conservation design project in the article Conservation blueprint for Columbia Plateau Ecoregion, adding another layer of synergy to GNLCC’s conservation planning on the Columbia Plateau.

Workshop results for the Great Northern region are now available:

View the GNLCC webinar on the Vulnerability Assessment

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