Webinar recording: Delivering MODIS phenology data and analysis to ArcGIS users through an image service based ArcMap toolbox

Presented on January 16, 2013 by Tim Kern and Colin Talbert, US Geological Survey

Webinar summary: As the volume and complexity of spatial data increase, the ability of managers and analysts to use these critical data is compromised. Web/service based data delivery mechanisms provide one method to address this problem, but often require specialized expertise or tools to use. By integrating web services with a user-friendly interface in a commonly used geospatial application, we hope to demonstrate one model for overcoming these data consumption challenges. This project delivers 500GB of MODIS Phenology data as ESRI Image Services to ArcGIS users along with powerful tools for cartography and analysis. This project was funded by the GNLCC and the National Park Service with the data, services, documentation and tools being hosted on ScienceBase.