USDA Forest Service invasive plants webinar series

The USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station is pleased to announce a new webinar series, Invasive Plants — Issues, Challenges, and Discoveries. This free interactive series, which includes seven webinars, will provide attendees with cutting-edge information about invasive plants and their management.  

Webinar Series Schedule
All webinars will begin at 12:00 Mountain Time. 

Date Webinar Topic
Jan 23 Determining identity and origin of invasive plant species: how and why we do this research — John Gaskin
Feb 27 Rapid evolution of biocontrol insects in response to climate change — Peter McEvoy
March 13 Merging plant-insect chemical ecology with weed biocontrol to better predict efficacy and climate change impacts — Justin Runyon
March 27 Hybridization in weedy species — Sarah Ward
April 10 Biogeography of plant invasions — Dean Pearson
April 24 Pathogen-based biological control of grassy weeds — Susan Meyer
May 8 Classical biological control of weeds — Sharlene Sing


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