In the News

In Spring, 2012, Yvette Converse was invited to speak about the Great Northern LCC at the University of Montana Resources & Environmental Policy Forum. This video is of Yvette’s presentation, The Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative: A Collective Vision for our Landscape.

On August 15, Steve Gordon and colleagues, presented information on the first phase of a two-year project to move 40 caribou to the Purcells-South herd.

From the Western Governors' Association (Aug 10, 2012)

On July 25, Soch Lor, USFWS - Region 6, Inventory and Monitoring Coordinator, and Jana Newman, USFWS - Chief, I&M Branch presented information on how the Service is implementing a new Inventory and Monitoring program.

>> National and region climate funding

These opportunities represent a snapshot of what is currently available (as of July 12, 2012). Future grant opportunities are contingent upon funding appropriations.

On July 11, Ray Rasker of Headwaters Economics presented on overview on the link between economic growth and protected public lands, and available software and tools.

The NW CSC geographic area includes terrestrial, freshwater, and nearshore marine ecosystems in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana

On Jun 13, Alec Maule and Joe Benjamin, US Geological Survey, Columbia River Research Laboratory, presented a webinar on their interdisciplinary studies and modeling of climate change in the Methow and other eastern Washington watersheds.