Sagebrush Science Initiative Request for Proposals - New deadline

Updated April 20, 2017 with new deadline and information about the Great Basin CESU.


This is an announcement of an additional call to prepare and submit proposals for funding research and technical assistance projects through the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Sagebrush Science Initiative.  The Sagebrush Science Initiative is a collaborative effort coordinated by WAFWA to identify and prioritize science needed for conservation of sagebrush dependent species and fund and/or obtain funding for the highest priority needs. Existing and newly funded science will be incorporated into a Sagebrush Conservation Strategy that WAFWA is coordinating.  

Projects that synthesize existing data sets at landscape scales (provide technical assistance such as priority habitat mapping, modeling, adaptive management constructs, decision support tools, compilation or analysis of existing data sets, etc.) that have a clear tie to sagebrush dependent species conservation planning or management are most likely to be successful.  Proposals will be considered for traditional research (original data collection), but the inherently local scale of many field projects will be at odds with the goals outlined above.  
Because of the recent and ongoing focus on sage-grouse science and management, this initiative will not fund sage-grouse projects, but projects evaluating the effectiveness of sage-grouse management prescriptions at conserving other sagebrush dependent species (“umbrella species concept”) will be considered and are encouraged. Sage-grouse are, and will likely remain a focus for sagebrush management into the foreseeable future, consequently proposals advocating other species as potential “umbrella” species for sagebrush or grassland obligates should demonstrate that management actions are likely to be oriented around the umbrella species or they will likely compete poorly.


Proposals are due by 5 pm MDT on May 12, 2017

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