Researchers and managers discuss climate adaptation for aquatic systems in the Rocky Mountains

presenters at climate adaptation workshopThe Great Northern LCC Rocky Mountain Partner Forum identified climate change adaptation as a priority to initiate collaboration among regional partners. The Wildlife Conservation Society, together with EcoAdapt and the Center for Large Landscape Conservation, received a grant from the Great Northern LCC to begin information sharing and collaboration as part of the Rocky Mountain Partner Forum around this issue. Several webinars were held in the last six months, and in the first week of June more than 50 participants came together in a workshop to share ideas and learn more about climate change adaptation planning. The workshop focused on cold water systems—the native fish, cold-water habitats, watersheds, and landscape connectivity associated with them. Participants included federal land managers, state agencies, scientists, and nongovernmental organizations from across the Great Northern LCC landscape, including the U.S. and Canada. The purpose of the workshop was for researchers and managers to compare relevant goals, consider the implications of climate change, and identify ways to adapt their actions to achieve success in the face of climate change.

The workshop began with presentations on climate change trends in the region, a framework, and tools to help think about climate change adaptation. Participants worked in small groups to talk about goals and actions—how they might change considering climate change realities, and to share their different perspectives and expertise on cold water systems. The results included several goals, at the species, ecosystem, and landscape scale, which were fleshed out with actions ranging from protecting refugia to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about the workshop by viewing the agenda, presentations, and results

The next steps for the Rocky Mountain Partner Forum will include follow-up webinars to continue the discussion from the workshop, and to talk about new topics. To learn about the Rocky Mountain Partner Forum, please contact the Great Northern LCC Coordinators, Yvette Converse or Tom Olliff