Redesigned Land Treatment Digital Library

LTDL mapThe Land Treatment Digital Library (LTDL) was created by the U.S. Geological Survey to catalog legacy land treatment information on Bureau of Land Management lands in the western United States. The LTDL can be used by federal managers and scientists for compiling information for data-calls, producing maps, generating reports, and conducting analyses at varying spatial and temporal scales. The LTDL currently houses 21,510 treatments from BLM lands across 9 states. Users can browse the map below to find information on individual treatments, perform more complex queries  to identify a set of treatments, and view graphs  of treatment summary statistics.

LTDL data is available to users via a secure connection. Authorized users can access and query data, view maps, open documents, and download data. All individuals can register for a secure account. All BLM employees receive automatic access to the data provided they use their BLM email address during the registration process. All other users require prior BLM approval before access to the data will be granted. Contact the LTDL for more information. 

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