Recorded proceedings available for sagebrush conference

If you missed the Sagebrush Ecosystems Conservation: All Lands, All Hands Conference in Salt Lake City in February, don't despair -- you can see the recorded proceedings here. Register for free, and a password to access the sessions will be emailed to you.

Topics and sessions include:

  • Secretarial Order 3336
  • Weed Summit Outcome
  • Sagebrush Restoration: Thinking Like a Manager
  • Brome Grasses: Impacts, Invasiveness, Socioeconomics, and Management Prospects
  • Multi-Species Management
  • Conifer Expansion: Science and Management
  • Engaging Stakeholders- What works, what doesn't, and why?
  • Putting Resilience and Resistance Concepts into Practice
  • Traditional Knowledges for Resource Managers
  • Livestock Grazing and the Sagebrush Ecosystem: Policy and Management
  • Keynote Speaker: Governor Gary Herbert
  • Hydrology of Sagebrush Ecosystems
  • Native Plants
  • Livestock Grazing and Sagebrush Ecosystem: Science and Management
  • Seed Strategy
  • Managing Wildfire
  • Vulnerability Assessments for Managers
  • Invasive Plant Species
  • Landscape Conservation Design
  • Closing Plenary Session Speaker: Jim Lyons