PNW climate change vulnerabilty assessment website launched


Extracted from the website

The University of Washington has partnered with key collaborators in the region to conduct a climate‐ecological vulnerability assessment. This assessment is designed to evaluate the relative vulnerability of the species and ecological systems of the Pacific Northwest to climate change. The assessment covers an area that extends beyond the borders of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and involves scientists, natural resource managers, and conservation planners. The project will develop a digital database of inherent climate‐change sensitivities for species and habitats of concern throughout the Pacific Northwest and will promote convenient analysis and illustration of possible effects at various landscape scales.

These tools and improved insights will provide resource managers and decision makers with some of the most basic and most important information about how species and systems will likely respond to climate change. It also will allow researchers to answer important scientific questions regarding the potential impacts of climate change on natural resources. The Pacific NW Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment includes several components:

  • Sensitivity Database
  • Case Studies
  • Habitat Suitability Modelling
  • Species Population Modelling

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