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There has been a lot happening in the past six months with the Great Northern LCC Partner Forums! These groups of conservation practitioners and partnerships share landscape conservation challenges in an ecogeographic context. The Rocky Mountain, Sage-Steppe, Columbia Basin, and Cascadia Partner Forums welcome your participation!

In June, the Rocky Mountain Partner Forum (RMPF) participated in a workshop on climate change adaptation and cold-water systems. The workshop was funded by the Great Northern LCC and hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Society, EcoAdapt, and the Center for Large Landscape Conservation. For more information about the workshop, vist the project webpage

Follow-up actions include:

  • Identify cold water refugia for native fish across the Rocky Mountain region in effort to align and target fish restoration and protection strategies at a landscape scale
  • Develop an approach to cold water climate change preparation that engages public and private partners and lands for coordinated landscape scale actions
  • Provide a forum for sharing case studies, successes, lessons learned, and new communication strategies with respect to cold water refugia and climate preparedness for more effective landscape scale responses and benefits

A follow-up webinar was held in early September and participants on the call agreed to continue working on these actions. >> View webinar recording

In addition to continuing with the topic of cold-water systems and climate change, there is interest in exploring the complicated issue of “connectivity” with respect to the Rocky Mountain eco-geography (understanding and applying science tools and information, and working across scales and organizational boundaries). Details for next steps are being developed now.

And, to continue to increase engagement in the RMPF, a committee was formed to draft a charter. The charter will define the work of the Forum and help set direction so partners will better understand how they can participate. Virginia Kelly (Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee Coordinator), Kim Goodwin (Montana State University and Center for Invasive Species Management), and Wendy Francis (Yellowstone to Yukon Program Director) are leading this effort and intend to have a charter prepared by the end of the calendar year. For information about the charter, contact Virginia Kelly (

For more information about the RMPF climate change adaptation project contact:


The Sage-Steppe Partner Forum (SSPF) members have a new website to collaborate and share information to the broad partner audience. Created in wiki fashion, the website provides full collaborative participation of the website’s content. Partner Forum members have access to post articles, participate in discussion groups, upload files, add action items, provide contact information, share related projects, and much more. The public can view most of these partner contributions. In addition, the public can view listings of related documents, presentation, publications, and websites on the resources page and information on upcoming events via the calendar. Those interested in joining or inviting someone to the SSPF can find contact information on the home page. >> View the SSPF website

A new SSPF weekly webinar series will be starting in January and running through March of 2014. This multi-part series will showcase presentations from a variety of professionals and provide focused information on projects and work being done that directly relate to the Sage-Steppe community. Webinar details (topics, dates, and times) will be announced via email and on the SSPF website, and webinar recordings will be made available.

For more information about the SSPF, contact Frank D’Erchia (


The Columbia Basin Partner Forum held it's kick-off meeting on Sept 18, 2013 in Portland, Oregon. The shared interest of the attendees is to participate in a market place for ideas on how to address large-scale landscape events (stressors) such as climate change, invasive species, and land use changes as they related to conservation actions being planned and implemented by the partners.

On Dec 3 in Portland, OR, the Columbia Basin Partner Forum will hold a workshop to establish mutual objectives among Forum participants. A survey will be distributed prior to the meeting to gather information from participants.

For meeting information, contact: Tom Iverson Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Foundation (


The Cascadia Partner Forum has a new website! >> Take a tour of the website

For more information about the Forum, contact Jen Watkins, Conservation Northwest (