NPS summarizes workshop on climate change in report

Cover of NPS climate change workshop report

On February 5 and 6, 2013, the National Park Service (NPS) Denver Service Center (DSC) Planning Division and the Intermountain Region (IMR) Resource Stewardship and Science Directorate co-hosted a Climate Change Workshop in Lakewood, Colorado.

Day 1 of the workshop, hosted by the Intermountain Region, focused on bringing together the primary climate change staff from NPS partnerships (the Climate Change Response Program [CCRP], the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives [LCC], the Climate Science Centers [CSC], the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] Regional
Integrated Science and Assessments [RISA] program, DSC and IMR resource stewardship and science staff.) The goals of this day of the workshop were to share information about these programs, explore Intermountain Region and DSC Planning Division capacity, clarify shared goals and priorities across the Department of the Interior (DOI) and other federal entities, understand the provisions of the new NPS Climate Change Action Plan, and identify opportunities for collaboration/communication within the Intermountain Region.

Day 2 was a national workshop led by the DSC Planning Division through a partnership with Marcy Rockman, the Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator for Cultural Resources in the Climate Change Response Program. The goal of day 2 was to assess the state of current integration of climate change response, cultural resources, and planning, and to identify opportunities for collaboration. Topics covered during the day included the national perspective from the Climate Change Response Program, American Indian and Alaska Native outlooks on climate change, viewpoints from the field, and tools and resources for practitioners. Small breakout group sessions were held in the afternoon to identify tools needed for successful stewardship of cultural resources in the face of climate change, programmatic opportunities and challenges, and opportunities for collaboration.

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