NPS Intermountain Region indentifies actions on climate change

Cover of NPS Climate Change Action Report

The purpose of the Climate Change Action Plan report is two-fold (1) to compile information about the National Park Service (NPS) Intermountain Region (IMR) activities, so that when combined with information from other regions and programs, it describes how the National Park Service is responding to the challenge of climate change; and (2) to raise awareness among NPS IMR employees, other NPS employees, and partners about the climate change activities occurring in parks.

This report is organized around the eight emphasis areas of the NPS Climate Change Action Plan (2012):

  1. Enhance workforce climate literacy
  2. Engage youth and their families
  3. Develop effective planning frameworks and guidance
  4. Provide climate change science to parks
  5. Implement the Green Parks Plan
  6. Foster robust partnerships
  7. Apply appropriate adaptation tools and options
  8. Strengthen communication

Partnerships and sponsored science projects that have benefited parks in the NPS Intermountain Region include the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives and Climate Science Centers.

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