News article addresses efforts of Great Northern LCC

Source: Explore Big Sky, July 15, 2013

The Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative’s long name and affinity for acronyms is about the only clue to the program’s government origins. At its core, GNLCC is about reaching beyond administrative boundaries to tackle large-scale landscape problems that no single entity can achieve on its own.

"The cooperative was designed to help conservation organizations – and that includes government, non-government, tribal and university partners – work together to address issues like climate change and land use change that happen at such a large scale none of us can do it individually,” said Yvette Converse, Bozeman-based GNLCC Coordinator.

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The Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal, LC MAP, provides a collaborative virtual workspace allowing partners of the Great Northern LCC to securely share, access, and analyze common datasets and information to further coordinated research, management, and resource conservation.