New guide offers recommended practices for developing Landscape Conservation Designs

Source: US Fish and Wildlife Service

For practitioners looking to develop, facilitate, or participate in a landscape conservation design (LCD) process, the new Recommended Practices for Landscape Conservation Design guide leverages the knowledge, years of experience working on landscape-scale conservation issues, and the legacy of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.

The guide can serve as a reference and springboard for those seeking to implement broad-scale, multi-species conservation; collaborate and share data across regions and states; and incorporate human dimensions into the landscape.

The guide contains five sections covering major themes in LCD. Each section describes vetted practices that one or more LCCs used in their LCD work; provides resources for further information; and presents a case study where the practices have been implemented.

The practices are arranged in a logical order, but are not necessarily chronological. Successful LCD requires participants to revisit and refine their work; therefore, embracing iteration is an overarching theme of the process.

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Cover of landscape conservation design guide