LCCs receive funding to support partner conservation efforts in the Green River Basin

To support conservation efforts in the Green River Basin (WY, UT, CO), the Southern Rockies and Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) received funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to implement a Landscape Conservation Design (LCD) project.

Many partnerships and landscape-level conservation efforts are already underway in the Green River Basin (e.g., Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative, Intermountain West Joint Venture, Colorado River Recovery Program, Bureau of Land Management’s Colorado Plateau Rapid Ecoregional Assessment, Bureau of Reclamation’s Colorado River Basin Study).

The aim of the LCD project is to support those efforts, collectively identify strategic and science-based conservation target areas across the whole Green River Basin, and plan collaborative implementation strategies to achieve desired conditions on the landscape. The LCD project will generate spatially-explicit assessments of the current and potential future condition of ecosystems that support conservation objectives for partners of the Southern Rockies and Great Northern LCCs.

The project goals are:

  1. Identify/validate areas for land protection, restoration and manipulation
  2. Promote conservation at the ecosystem level and increase the efficiency of conservation delivery across multiple jurisdictions
  3. Evaluate the existing conservation lands in relation to their purposes and the anticipated effects of climate change
  4. Collaborate with conservation partners on data acquisition, synthesis and analysis at the landscape scale
  5. Share data with resource managers and assist them with developing appropriate roles and geographic areas for conservation action within the coordinated focus of multiple agencies
  6. Provide a data resource for other organizations to explicitly include Southern Rockies and Great Northern LCC priority resources in their landscape scale planning

The two LCCs are currently contacting partnerships working in the area to assess development of an Oversight Team to lead the Green River Basin LCD. A workshop, hosted by the Southern Rockies and Great Northern LCCs, is planned for managers and researchers later this year.


For more information, please contact:

Southern Rockies LCC

Great Northern LCC


Green River Basin LCD project map