Landscape-scale collaboration key to wolverine conservation

The value of collaboration in working across a large landscape for the conservation of wildlife species and their habitats is immeasurable. A new partnership has emerged showing just how landscape-scale collaboration can effectively inform the conservation of the wide-ranging wolverine.  

Lead by the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and state wildlife agencies of Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming, with support from the Great Northern LCC, federal agencies, tribes, universities, and NGOs, a range-wide survey is underway to determine where wolverines occur across the expansive western landscape. Survey results will help inform efforts to maintain and possibly expand connectivity of wolverine populations and their habitats.

In the July issue of the Wildlife Management Institute’s Outdoor News Bulletin, an introduction to the wolverine project is provided.

Maintaining and enhancing connectivity of populations and habitats for wolverine and other species at the landscape-scale is one priority of the Great Northern LCC whose members represent federal and state agencies, tribes, and NGOs. More information on the Great Northern LCC’s priorities can be found its Strategic Conservation Framework.


Wolverine traversing the Highline, Glacier National Park; Courtesy Mike McFadzen