Great Northern LCC welcomes tribal intern

The Great Northern LCC is excited to present Coy Harwood, a new tribal summer intern supported by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ANTI). Coy, who is from the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana, is a fourth-year pre-med student at Montana State University and has an Associates Degree in Life Sciences from Salish Kootenai College. In addition to his pre-med studies, Coy has a wide-range of experiences that include: collecting data for a grizzly bear DNA project, working as an Emergency Medical Technician, and teaching science classes to Montana Native middle school students.

Coy is having a busy summer! Here are the projects he is working on.

  1. Coy is assisting Kimberly Paul on several projects through the Blackfeet Tribal Environmental Office including finalizing the draft Blackfeet Climate Change Strategic Plan. He will interview elders to capture Traditional Ecological Knowledge, write plan chapters where needed, and liaise with management heads during plan review.  
  2. With Lea Whitford, Coy is helping plan the annual Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent Conference in Choteau, MT, Sept 25-27. At this conference, Tribes will connect with other partners on the effects of climate change, and other important ecological and community issues.
  3. Coy is assisting Loren Birdrattler of the Blackfeet Extension on the Agricultural Resource Management Plan. This work entails identifying locations of climate/weather monitoring stations within the Blackfeet Nation and data sharing. These data will be made available to tribal managers so that the tribe has a better understanding of climate change effects for managing their resources and land.

On top of these projects, Coy is attending the Tribal Climate Camp to become familiar with the ATNI Climate Change Program and the Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Network. He will learn about how climate change is impacting tribal culture and sovereignty, climate change science, and adaptation strategies, tools and information.  

Welcome Coy! We look forward to having you as an important part of the GNLCC, ATNI and BIA collaborative network.  

Coy Harwood; Blackfeet Warriors metal sculpture, Blackfeet Environmental Office