Federal agencies provide regional support for natural resouce management

Federal agencies are increasingly supporting science and operational programs that provide context-specific data, information and tools for decision makers to improve practices and make risk management and adaptation decisions that are climate-and weather-sensitive. These programs rely on partnerships involving scientists, practitioners, and decision makers to identify and refine science needs and with local officials and experts to ensure effective implementation.

Federal agencies are eager to ensure that the communities and networks that they serve have sustained and reliable access to the expertise and information needed to engage in this important work. Four key partnership-driven regional science and information programs are working to ensure this continued support:

  1. Regional Climate Hubs (USDA): www.usda.gov/climatehubs
  2. Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (DOI/FWS/multiple partners): http://lccnetwork.org
  3. Regional Climate Partnerships (NOAA/multiple partners): toolkit.climate.gov/help/partners
  4. Climate Science Centers (DOI/USGS): www.doi.gov/csc/index.cfm

Learn more about these four collaborative programs by reading this fact sheet.