GNLCC announces FY12 grants to partners

Boundary Creek Valley in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Photo courtesy of Bill Dolan

The Great Northern LCC Steering Committee is pleased to announce the commitment of $1 million to ecological research, information management, and capacity support projects for FY12. This funding will support 16 projects, half of which are new this year. Funding is distributed to a range of partners and landscape partnerships working on fundamental science and information to support and inform management in the face of landscape stressors like climate change and energy development. These projects were chosen because they support the priorities of the GNLCC as stated:

Assessments of resource vulnerability that contribute to, or specifically identified data and information needs related to terrestrial and/or aquatic ecological integrity in support of the following ecotypes through associated habitat and species objectives as affected by landscape stressors. Landscape stressors of special interest include: climate change, land use change (including that due to energy development), and invasive species.


  1. Columbia Basin or other GNLCC riverine aquatic systems addressing landscape scale connectivity and function of hydrologic systems (e.g. riparian, wetland, riverine, floodplain) that support salmon, steelhead, cutthroat trout, and bulltrout
  2. Rocky Mountain or other GNLCC montane ecotypes including landscape scale connectivity and ecological function of sub-alpine forest communities that support grizzly bear, wolverine, and sensitive forest communities like whitebark or 5-needle pine
  3. Sage-steppe ecotypes including landscape scale connectivity and ecological function of shrub-grassland communities that support sage-grouse.

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