Sage Grouse Initiative announces report on tracking success

Sage Grouse Initiative News Release, January 31, 2013

Cover of Sage grouse reportReport Reveals Why a New Paradigm for Conservation Works

Sage Grouse Initiative: Tracking Success, a highly visual 44-page report, for the first time reveals the six secret ingredients to a paradigm for bringing back wildlife in trouble without a need for listing under the Endangered Species Act. We’ve featured the report today on our website and Facebook page.

The first ingredient has everything to do with the hundreds of Sage Grouse Initiative partners – shared vision. They agree that what’s good for rangelands is good for grouse, and that’s why an unprecedented alliance of nonprofits, for profits, and conservation groups are teaming up with western ranchers.

The results, from 2010 to date are impressive. From page 6 of the report: The speed of success matches the scale: 700+ ranchers enrolled; investments of $145 million generate $70 million in matching contributions; conservation easements reduce sodbusting and subdivision threat on 240,000+ acres, new grazing systems increase hiding cover for nesting birds on2+million acres; removal of invading conifers restores historic sagebrush on 200,000 acres, and marking or removing 500+ miles of high-risk fences prevent bird collisions.

The five remaining secret ingredients round out a model for conservation with worldwide conservation implications: Strategic, Accountability, Leverage, Certainty, and Trust and Credibility. The report also highlights success stories from each of the 11 states, and ends with a Vision for the Future, showcasing education for future generations.

Tracking Success belongs to all its stakeholders. While the report credits the Natural Resources Conservation Service for launching and playing a major role in the Sage Grouse Initiative, the ownership belongs to the entire partnership that’s shaping history.’

We encourage readers of the report to share the story, to join the partnership, and to learn more at

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