Transboundary Flathead River Basin Coordination

In February 2010, governments of British Columbia and Montana signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that recognizes the high value of natural resources in the North Fork of the Flathead River Basin and outlines a framework for the signatories to work together with US and Canada Federal, State and Provincial, and Tribal and First Nation partners on environmental protection, climate action, and renewable and low carbon energy. This MOU addresses two decades of negotiations over impacts of potential mining and oil and gas development. The Great Northern LCC is:

  • Supporting an executive-level working group among the Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, State of Montana, Canadian Federal government, and the Province of British Columbia to facilitate and promote commitments of the MOU
  • Supporting the study Predicting the Effects of Climate Change on Aquatic Ecosystems, a pilot aquatic vulnerability assessment in the Flathead River System
  • Convening an inter-jurisdictional fisheries team to develop a collaborative work plan, including inter-jurisdictional data and information synthesis
  • Supporting fisheries surveys by the Province of British Columbia in support of the MOU.
The Transboundary Flathead River Watershed extends from British Columbia into Montana. Photo credit: Garth Lenz