Stream Temperature Data Request for Regional Database and Model Project

Update: New maps show temperature database by state

Detailed map of project boundaries within the US portion of the Great Northern LCC

With funding from the Great Northern LCC, we are compiling existing stream temperature data from federal, state, tribal, and private sources across the five state region that comprises the US portion of the GNLCC. These data will be developed into an integrated regional database that will be available at the end of 2012 to all interested parties.

The first phase of this project is simply assembling the database of stream temperature information from the many sources across the GNLCC. For those interested in contributing their data to this project, detailed instructions for data submissions, project boundaries, methodologies, and contact information are provided below.

The stream temperature database will also be used with new spatial statistical models for river networks to develop an accurate regional model capable of predicting stream temperatures for all fish-bearing streams. The model will be used to simulate a variety of historic and future climate scenarios and to assess effects on the distributions of thermal habitat for multiple aquatic species. Spatially continuous maps of stream temperature predictions and thermal habitats will be made available as GIS layers at the end of this project to assist in conservation and management planning.


Everything You Need to Know About Submitting Data

Project Resources

Temperature Model Descriptions

We look forward to your participation and working with you to make this project a success over the next couple years.

Dan Isaak (USFS), Erin Peterson (CSIRO), Jeff Kershner (USGS), Jason Dunham (USGS), Jay Ver Hoef (NOAA, UAF), Steve Hostetler (USGS), Brett Roper (USFS), Charles Luce (USFS), and Seth Wenger (TU)

For questions about this project, contact:

Additional information can be found at: RMRS Boise Lab Stream Modeling and Monitoring