Communicating and Involving the Public and Stakeholders in the Use of Fish and Wildlife Data and Information for Purposes of Landscape Level Management and Decision Support


  • Communicate how the WGA wildlife corridors initiative has initiated pilot projects and how the ID, MT, WA, and OR state fish and wildlife agencies are implementing development of regional DSSs using the best scientific data and information available to them
  • Strengthen and broaden the range of persons and groups who are informed about Analysis of Meta-Information Quarterly Progress Report – July 11, 2011 23 landscape science, wildlife connectivity, and infrastructure development
  • Identify and engage stakeholders in providing input in development of the DSS and its use, access, and interface using geospatial and web-based technology
  • Develop public and stakeholder support for release of the DSS based on conservation benefit and an economic and efficient business model
  • Coordinate development and release of state DSS among Idaho!s pilot partners (MT, WA and OR) to insure positive and coordinated messaging concerning its objectives, its development, its use, and how customers were involved in its development


  1. Key messaging and talking points for Department leadership, Commissioners, WGA staff, and other key stakeholders
  2. Communication tools and messages for use with all audiences and technology
  3. Speakers who are willing and able to travel and provide presentations
  4. Social media messages and updates
  5. Webinars on DSS development, stakeholder involvement, and use
  6. Responses to requests for information, feedback, and development of web interface
  7. Power point presentations for presentation to different audiences and messages
  8. Customer sensitive design, look, and tone of DSS interface
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
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Servheen, Gregg
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