Supported Science Projects

To support on-the-ground landscape conservation, the Great Northern LCC supports landscape partnerships for ecological research, information management, and outreach projects. These projects align with the goals of the Strategic Conservation Framework.

Data Management, Funded Projects, and Proposal Guidance

These documents contain information on data management guidance for supported projects, the funded projects, and instructions for submitting proposals. 

The NorWeST Regional Stream Temperature Model for Mapping Thermal Habitats and Predicting Vulnerability of Aquatic Species to Climate Change across the Great Northern LCC
Applying Vulnerability Assessment Tools to Plan for Climate Adaptation: Case Studies in the Great Northern LCC
Understanding Observational, Proxy, and Modeled Climate Data: Outreach, Training, and Support for Managers and Scientists
Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative Geospatial Data Portal Extension: Implementing a GNLCC Spatial Toolkit and Phenology Server
Predicting Effects of Climate Change on Aquatic Ecosystems in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem: Combining Vulnerability Assessments, Landscape Connectivity, and Modeling for Conservation and Adaptation
Washington Connected Landscapes Project
A New Model of Watershed-scale Aquatic Monitoring from the Crown of the Continent: Quantifying the Benefits of Watershed Restoration in the Face of Climate Change
Document Fine Scale Linkage Areas and Conservation Delivery in the Northern Rockies of US and Canada
Using Landscape Analysis Metrics to Manage Aquatic Invasive Species and Targeted Transboundary Species in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem
Species Adaptations to Climate Change: Baseline Data for Grassland, Sagebrush, and Riparian - Associated Landbirds in Bird Conservation Region 10
Tracking Wetland Changes over Time at Multiple Scales in Bird Conservation Regions 9 and 10
Communicating and Involving the Public and Stakeholders in the Use of Fish and Wildlife Data and Information for Purposes of Landscape Level Management and Decision Support
Transboundary Decision Support System to Guide and Implement Conservation, Land Use, Energy, Transportation, and Climate Change Management and Monitoring
Long-term Changes in Environmental Characteristics Required by Sage-grouse Predicted under Climate Change
GNLCC Multi-dimensional Synthesis
SageSTEP Long-term Ecological Monitoring Network
National Wetlands Inventory for Idaho
Forecasting the impacts of Climate Change in the Columbia River Basin: Threats to Fish Habitat Connectivity
Distribution Model for Fishers in the Northern US Rocky Mountains
Assemblage, Format and Delivery of Downscaled Climate Data and Projections for the GNLCC Focal Area
Montana—Capacity Support for Decision Support System Development
State of Wyoming Geospatial Data Management, Information Sharing and Preparation for Decision Support System Development - Migration Corridors
Decision Support Tools for Species Populations and Their Habitats Workshop: The EAGLE (Ecosystem Assessment, Geospatial Analysis, and Landscape Evaluations) System
Understanding and Adapting To Climate Change in Aquatic Ecosystems at Landscape and River Basin Scales—A Decision Support Workshop for Integrating Research and Management
The Washington Connected Landscapes Project, Part II: Model Validation