Leadership of the Great Northern Landscape LCC is coordinated by two groups: the Steering Committee, which sets the vision, goals and priorities and the Advisory Team, which works with the GNLCC Coordinators to develop foundational information and provide recommendations to the Steering Committee. Working with the GNLCC Coordinators, the Partner Forums help set priorities for or support on-the-ground landscape conservation and the Science Community develops and provides specific science needs.

For information about becoming a GNLCC partner, please contact a coordinator.

Coordinator, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Coordinator, National Park Service
Coordinator, British Columbia, Ministry of FLNRO
Science Coordinator, US Fish & Wildlife Service


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee sets the vision, goals, and priorities for the GNLCC. Organizations represented by these logos have members on the Steering Committee.Steering Committee member organizations



A "word cloud" generated from the organization mission statements of the GNLCC Steering Committee.

Advisory Team

The Advisory Team works closely with the GNLCC Coordinators to coordinate:

  • Science needs
  • Project funding process
  • Strategic framework
  • Capacity
  • Outreach to the Science Community and Partner Forums


Partner Forums

Natural resource managers and practitioners are setting priorites for or supporting on-the-ground landscape conservation in three ecogeographic regions: Columbia Basin, Rocky Mountain, and Sage Steppe.


Science Community

University, government, and NGO scientists, and specialized technical expertise are developing and providing specific science needs through committees or working groups.