Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal

The Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal, LC MAP, provides a collaborative virtual workspace allowing partners of the Great Northern LCC to securely share, access, and analyze common datasets and information to further coordinated research, management, and resource conservation. LC MAP supports large landscape conservation in several ways. It:
  1. Advances project-level research and modeling by providing a secure virtual workspace where multiple partners can discover, assess, edit, analyze, and model common data themes in near realtime.
  2. Facilitates data mining and discovery from the World Wide Web.
  3. Functions as a secure repository where GNLCC partners can safely store their data, custom-control access, and manage metadata using customized, intuitive data documentation tools.
  4. Takes advantage of the powerful geospatial analysis capabilities of ArcGIS 10 and its broad array of extensions.

Custom-Designed Platform

LC MAP is custom-designed to provide users with a platform that facilitates data management and analysis through four primary functions.

Data Discovery and Management Science Base Catalog

The Catalog feature of LC MAP is built upon ScienceBase, an open source Scientific Data Management system that manages Web Service communications to display and transfer data in a variety of formats. As an open source project, ScienceBase allows the GNLCC to take advantage of data discovery and management features developed for other user groups. ScienceBase encourages developers to contribute features that can be used by either broader audience or very focused research groups. Finally, open source means that the code is open for inspection or improvement: the code and application are freely available to GNLCC partners. LCMAP_catalog.png

Data Analysis and Modeling GIS Share

The analysis portion of LC MAP, the GIS Share, relies on ESRI's ArcGIS 10 software. This portion of LC MAP is not open source so there are licensing costs associated with its use. However, ArcGIS is used by most partners in the region and it is a powerful, stable, and well-supported GIS. If your organization does not have an ESRI license to use ArcGIS, contact us and allow us to help locate a solution. Spatial analysts using ArcGIS 10 to manipulate or model can use the GIS Share to access data directly through a "cloud" of networked servers (one of which is the Catalog). The Web Service features function automatically and facilitate tracking and versioning the workflow allowing geographically dispersed collaborators to work in a shared, virtual environment. LCMAP_GISshare.png



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