Decision Support for the SHC and LCCs: Geospatial Data & Tools for Landscape Planning in EAGLES

Event Type: 
GNLCC Webinar
Date and Time: 
Apr 20, 2011 (All day)

Presenters: Bob Crabtree, Chief Scientist - Yellowstone Ecological Research Center and Research Associate Professor - University of Montana and Dan Weiss, Yellowstone Ecological Research Center and NSF Post-doc Fellow

Summary: What is EAGLES (Ecosystem Assessment, Geospatial Analysis & Landscape Evaluation System)? EAGLES is a PC-based series of linked software applications (decision support tools or DSTs) in user-friendly ArcGIS and web-enabled environments that allows biologists and managers direct control and access to powerful data processing and modeling capabilities.

There are six basic DSTs within EAGLES. Together they form a workflow architecture to allow practitioners:

  1. direct access to, and understanding of, climate and biophysical data products for ecosystem vulnerability assessments
  2. creation of conceptual, visual, and statistical models of species populations responding to environmental change
  3. to explore What-if-Scenarios about how species and their habitats respond to habitat alterations and future climate conditions.

EAGLES also provides the basis for common data, standardized data protocols, and transparent analysis techniques applicable across all LCC units. One fundamental component of EAGLES is access to a large suite of NASA-produced remote sensing products to use as covariates for modeling purposes.

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