Webinar: Developing a successful co-production collaboration between scientists and practitioners

Event Type: 
Other Webinar
Date and Time: 
Apr 3, 2018 12:00 pm MDT


This webinar is part of the Northwest Climate Science Center's Actionable Climate Science Skills-building webinar series.


Assessing and addressing climate risks will require rigorous science that is both useful to and used by decision-makers. Research has shown that such “actionable science” is most likely to be generated through “co-production” – the process of scientists working closely with decision-makers to identify key questions, design research approaches, conduct research, and communicate findings in such a way as to develop information, tools, and knowledge that solve real-world problems. This webinar is intended to help scientists and natural resource management professionals better understand the processes, skills, and outcomes associated with effective co-production of actionable climate science.


  • Meade Krosby | Deputy University Director, NW Climate Science Center & Senior Research Scientist, Climate Impacts Group at University of Washington. Dr. Krosby’s professional mission is to promote effective biodiversity conservation under climate change by collaboratively conducting innovative, rigorous, and useful assessments of climate impacts and adaptation responses for species and ecosystems.
  • Amy Snover | University Director, NW Climate Science Center & Director, Climate Impacts Group at University of Washington. Dr. Snover works to connect science and decision-making to tackle today's pressing environmental challenges. Specifically, she aims to support the development of regional resilience to climate variability and change by harnessing science to address the real needs of resource managers, planners, and policymakers.

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