Webinar: Explore the newly released Conservation Efforts Database 2.0

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Other Webinar
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Nov 30, 2017 2:00 pm MST

The Conservation Efforts Database version 2.0 (CED) is a spatially-explicit database and conservation planning tool that is designed to quantify the benefit of, and illustrate the unprecedented investments in sagebrush conservation. The US Fish and Wildlife Service, Great Northern LCC, and US Geological Survey have worked closely with all 11 sage-grouse States and other partners, to solicit input and make adjustments to improve the CED based on that feedback.

By working closely with conservation partners within the sagebrush biome to document and record conservation actions, the CED and the information collected can be used to support status reviews and track cumulative contributions made to conserve the sagebrush biome.

The CED can track and quantify conservation benefit relative to various resources values (including greater sage-grouse), threat reduction, and help display the unparalleled investment in sagebrush conservation by all partners, and provide information that will improve siting of future conservation actions.

The CED (v2.0) will continue to be adaptable based on input from the States, and as new science helps to inform conservation effectiveness moving forward, and will continue to strive to be interoperable with other existing tools and database.

Attend a webinar to learn more:

The CED Team will be hosting two informational webinars to highlight the changes and updates to the version 2.0.

Nov 14 and Nov 30 at 2pm MST