Webinar: Adventure Scientists -- Providing data collected at any scale, from any environment

Event Type: 
GNLCC Webinar
Date and Time: 
Oct 11, 2017 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm MDT

Hosts: Great Northern and Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperatives
Presenter: Nina Hadley, Director of Project Creation, Adventure Scientists

Adventure Scientists works with partners to create a world in which access to data will no longer limit the ability to address the world’s challenges. Since 2011, Adventure Scientists has taken on select projects around the world, tackling environmental issues in which access to physical data prevents their resolution. Providing an innovative conservation tool for an array of partners, we recruit, train and manage volunteers that collect environmental data from remote and challenging locations. By specifically leveraging the skills of the outdoor community, our volunteer network is uniquely capable of collecting data at any scale, in any environment. Nina will highlight several recent projects and host an interactive Q&A focused on identifying opportunities for collective impact.




Adventure Scientists volunteer collecting water samples