Webinar: Quaking aspen management: A presentation by the Western Aspen Alliance

Event Type: 
GNLCC Webinar
Date and Time: 
Oct 27, 2016 2:00 pm MDT


Hosts: Great Basin, California, Desert, Great Northern, Southern Rockies and the Plains and Prairie Potholes Landscape Conservation Cooperatives
Speaker: Dr. Paul Rogers, Western Aspen Alliance


Many media reports share a story of bleak decline for quaking aspen across the western U.S. The cause for this "aspen decline" (defined differently across newspapers) ranges, and includes: cool wet climates, warm dry climates, fire suppression, livestock, elk, fir encroachment, rampant development, ozone, recreation and radio waves. With such a wide range of reported causes and scenarios, what is the actual condition of aspen trees, and how might we expect this far-flung species to react to projected changes?
In this webinar, Dr. Paul Rogers will explore expected impacts on aspen ecosystems under changing climates, with an emphasis on aspen fire types. He will discuss the variability of aspen responses to fire, and emphasize unique fire-related systems to wean practitioners from one-size-fits-all prescriptions for aspen forests.
About the speaker: Dr. Paul Rogers is the Director of the Western Aspen Alliance, a partnership established to improve the management of aspen by linking ecological, social and economic sciences through collaboration and information sharing. The Western Aspen Alliance provides a network of technical expertise that uses past and current research, management practices, and policy to address aspen ecosystem concerns.