BC-MT Transboundary Flathead MOU Workshop

Event Type: 
Date and Time: 
Sep 5, 2012 8:00 am MDT

Location: Flathead National Forest, Hungry Horse Ranger District Office, Hungry Horse, MT

Meeting objectives:

  1. Build on the directive of the Flathead Executive Group by initiating engagement of the jurisdictional managers towards implementation of the Transboundary Flathead Workplan.
  2. Initiate a dialogue amongst partners re garding coordinated implementation of Action Items in the Transboundary Flathead Workplan specifically pertaining to coordinating science information and data - sharing for aquatic resources.
  3. Sharing successes of existing transboundary science and manageme nt partnerships that would inform climate change adaptation for aquatic communities.
  4. Initiate dialogue around climate change adaptation, and discuss a framework for what a Flathead adaptation strategy would look like, building on the aquatic scientific data currently available.
  5. Develop a plan and a process for integrating the science across multiple jurisdictions.
  6. Determine next steps.