WildLinks 2015

Event Type: 
GNLCC Partner Forum
Date and Time: 
Oct 28, 2015 (All day) to Oct 30, 2015 (All day)

Location: Manning Park, BC

The Cascadia Partner Forum, a practitioners network working with the Great Northern and North Pacific LCCs, will be hosting their annual WildLinks gathering to bring together the diverse pool of practitioners working throughout Cascadia to create a more resilient landscape for species and ecosystems today and into the into the future.

The objectives of this year's meeting are:

  • Sharing information on current and planned adaptation related efforts in the transboundary region to increase coordination and involvement, while providing opportunities to further such efforts;
  • Providing local context and expertise for North Pacific and Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperatives' regional planning efforts;
  • Providing updates on, and increase coordination of transboundary science planning for conservation targets selected last year by the Cascadia Partner Forum as priority issues: Salmon, Grizzly Bear, and Ecological Connectivity and recent investments in access management planning in Cascadia's geographic priority areas;
  • Contributing a "Made in Cascadia" perspective to LCC regional science planning for two new priority conservation targets for 2015-2016: Canada lynx and bull trout;
  • Identifying spatial priority areas in Cascadia that are vital for species and ecosystem resilience to climate related changes and broad criteria for building on those priority geographies;
  • Continuing to build a network of practitioners whose work includes climate related adaptation and resilience in the Cascadia region.

Visit the Cascadia Partner Forum for meeting agenda and registration