Webinar: Managing aquatic invasive species and targeted transboundary species in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem

Event Type: 
GNLCC Webinar
Date and Time: 
Oct 9, 2014 12:00 pm MDT


  • Erin Sexton, University of Montana, Institute on Ecosystems
  • Greg McDermid, University of Calgary, Geography Department
  • Shannon Blackadder, University of Calgary, Geography Department
  • Caryn Miske, Flathead Basin Commission
  • Cinday Sawchuk, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
  • Ian Dyson, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

The Crown Managers Partnership (CMP) has adopted a Strategic Plan and has identified six regional-scale indicators of Ecological Integrity: landscapes, water quantity and quality, biodiversity, invasive species, air quality and climate. This webinar will focus on two of the Indicators, Aquatic Invasive Species and the Landscape Analysis Indicator. Presenters will discuss the CMP’s approach for managing aquatic invasive species at the landscape level, working across state, provincial, federal and tribal borders toward the goals of coordinated monitoring, prevention and rapid response. Presenters will also discuss the use of the Landscape Analysis data for analysis of trend and human use footprint for management of targeted species in theCrown of the Continent Ecosystem.

The CMP is a diverse group of science and resource management agencies who come together voluntarily to provide leadership in addressing environmental management issues across the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. Originating in 2001, the Partnership includes federal, state, provincial agency, tribes and First Nations managers from Alberta, British Columbia and Montana. Given that no single agency has the mandate or resources to focus on the entire region, the CMP seeks to demonstrate a common, collective institutional capacity across borders to effectively manage the cumulative impacts of human activities and land use practices on the entire interconnected landscape.