Webinar: New Columbia River Basin hydrology and climate studies, and next phase of RMJOC reports

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Other Webinar
Date and Time: 
Feb 18, 2014 (All day)

Time: 1:30-2:30pm Mountain  / 12:30-1:30pm Pacific

Host: C3, the Pacific Northwest Climate Change Collaborative

Presenter: Erik Pytlak, Manager, Weather and Streamflow Forecasting, Bonneville Power Administration

Description: Erik will provide an overview of the River Management Joint Operating Committee- Phase II (RMJOC-II) climate change research project, which will run through about 2017.  BPA has contracted with Portland State University, and research teams with University of Washington and Oregon State University, to produce a new round of unregulated hydrologic streamflow sets using temperature and precipitation data from the IPCC-5/CMIP-5 Global Climate Models. 

The study will investigate the uncertainties in downscaling and hydrologic modeling when working with coarse GCM models, include daily streamflow time steps, and will explicitly model glacier changes in the Upper Columbia basin.  After the unregulated streamflow sets become available, the RMJOC parties (BPA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Bureau of Reclamation) will once again team up to generate regulated streamflow sets for a variety of power operations and flood control analysis purposes.

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