Webinar: USGS Greater Sage-grouse National Research Strategy | Sage Steppe Partner Forum Wiki

Event Type: 
GNLCC Webinar
Date and Time: 
Feb 18, 2014 (All day)

Time: 1pm Mountain

This is the fifth of eight webinars offered by the Sage Steppe Partner Forum. The forum aims to share knowledge around Greater Sage-grouse, sagebrush habitat, and management across the species's historic range. Sponsors of the webinar series are the Great Northern, Southern Rockies, Plains and Prairie Potholes, and Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.


Steve Hanser, U.S. Geological Survey will present on the USGS Greater Sage-grouse National Research Strategy. The USGS Greater Sage-Grouse National Research Strategy addresses information and science relating to the greater sage-grouse and its habitat across portions of 11 Western States. This Research Strategy provides an outline of important research topics to ensure that science information gaps are identified and documented in a comprehensive manner. Further, by identifying priority topics and critical information needed for planning, research, and resource management, it provides a structure to help coordinate members of an expansive research and management community in their efforts to conduct priority research. 

Matt Heller, Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative, will give a tour of the Sage Steppe Partner Forum Wiki

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Webinar space is limited to the first 100 people logged in. If you miss a webinar, a recording will be available on the GNLCC webinar webpage and YouTube Channel.