Webinar: The Arid Lands Initiative – Shared priorities for conservation at a landscape scale

Event Type: 
GNLCC Webinar
Date and Time: 
Feb 11, 2014 (All day)

Time: 1pm Mountain

This is the fourth of eight webinars offered by the Sage Steppe Partner Forum. The forum aims to share knowledge around Greater Sage-grouse, sagebrush habitat, and management across the species's historic range. Sponsors of the webinar series are the Great Northern, Southern Rockies, Plains and Prairie Potholes, and Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.

Presenter: Sonia Hall, Arid Lands Initiative

Description: The Arid Lands Initiative is a public/private partnership that came together to develop and cooperatively implement a coordinated strategy for the conservation of Washington’s arid lands. This was always seen as a first critical step towards achieving our vision for this landscape: “a diverse assemblage of public, private and tribal interests working together to conserve and restore a viable, well connected system of eastern Washington’s arid lands and related freshwater habitats, sustaining native plant and animal communities, and supporting compatible local economies and communities”. We are in the final stages of the planning process for that coordinated strategy, which includes biological priorities, strategic priorities and priority areas shared by the ALI partners. And we are looking forward towards shared implementation guided by these priorities. What are the critical next steps to effectively transition from science and planning to on-the-ground action that leads to landscape-scale conservation outcomes?

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Webinar space is limited to the first 100 people logged in. If you miss a webinar, a recording will be available on the GNLCC webinar webpage and YouTube Channel.