Integrating ecological & social landscapes: evaluating resilience in fire‐prone ecosystems

Event Type: 
Other Webinar
Date and Time: 
Jan 22, 2013 (All day)

Time: 11am-12pm Mountain Time

US Forest Service Landscape Science webinar

Tom Spies, Research Ecologist, US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station

The multidisciplinary Forest People Fire (FPF) project uses systems models to integrate biophysical and socio-economic interconnections across land ownerships, as well as feedbacks between the human and natural subsystems of fire-prone landscapes The FPF conceptual model suggests that slow or incorrect learning, or poor dissemination of knowledge about the effects of vegetation treatments and wildfire suppression on forests or fire outcomes, may limit the ability of humans to develop adaptive behaviors. By testing this conceptual model, as well as through collaborative learning, we aim to improve understanding of adaptation in fire-prone landscapes in central and southern Oregon. Findings have application to efforts like “All Lands” management, downscaling the Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy, National Forest planning, and climate change adaptation.

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