Steering Committee conference call

Event Type: 
GNLCC Steering Committee
Date and Time: 
Nov 27, 2012 (All day)

10am MT/ 9am PT (1hr 15 min)


  • Introductions and quorum (5 min)
  • Draft FY 13 Funding Guidance available for review and comment until December 21 (10 min)
  • Discussion and vote on the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative request to join the Great Northern LCC Steering Committee (15 min). A request letter from Y2Y was distributed to the Steering Committee prior to and at the Spring 2012 meeting. Wendy Francis presented information about Y2Y at the Fall 2012 Steering Committee meeting.
  • Overview of GNLCC FY12 Accomplishments and GNLCC FY13 Workplan (initial draft will be available prior to meeting) (15 min).
  • Updates: Partner Forums, National LCC Network, FWS Surrogate Species, other (we will have a few minutes to provide an update on several landscape programs/organizations) (20 min).
  • FYI: Sept 24-25 Steering Committee draft meeting report available for review until December 21 (5 min).