Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership: Overview and review of tools to support design & documentation of monitoring programs

Event Type: 
GNLCC Webinar
Date and Time: 
Dec 12, 2012 (All day)

Time: 12:00-1:00 PM Mountain Time

Presenters: Jen Bayer and Jacque Schei, U.S. Geological Survey

Summary: Federal, state, tribal, local, and private aquatic monitoring programs in the Pacific Northwest evolved independently in response to different organizational and jurisdictional mandates and needs. To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of their monitoring efforts, the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP) provides a forum that supports collaboration and coordination among organizations and across jurisdictions. PNAMP supports organizations’ monitoring objectives and facilitates integration of monitoring results, largely by focusing on best practices for data management and exchange. PNAMP consists of federal, tribal, and state partners; other interested participants; and a coordinating staff. Activities are conducted by participant working groups and teams as endorsed by the partner-based steering committee. Currently, one area PNAMP is focused on is developing online resources to create a network of information and tools to support many facets of monitoring. These important collaboration and coordination tools are being developed so they are integrated and have well developed plans for future support. This suite of complementary tools is designed to guide and assist monitoring practitioners with their monitoring programs, from the early design stage through implementation and generation of descriptive statistics. The tools also serve resource managers, funding entities, and policy makers by giving them a comprehensive view of monitoring programs and projects that are occurring or have occurred in a given spatial extent.

Our goal is provide a place where monitoring practitioners can easily document information about their projects and programs once and share many times, and where funders and managers can review existing and proposed monitoring projects and better understand gaps and overlaps at a regional scale. These resources are intended to promote better documentation and enable more efficiency in collaboration and data sharing between programs. By providing these tools online, we are facilitating transfer of information and supporting collaboration between projects and programs. Monitoring Resources is the framework that houses these applications, and includes PNAMP’s protocol and methods library, a community forum, sample designer, monitoring site manager, Salmon Monitoring Advisor, and data management resources. We are currently seeking input and feedback on the tools as we continue into our next phase of development. In addition, these tools are intended to support information sharing across other online systems, so we are also seeking input with respect to what systems and organizations to try to connect with. Relevant websites: