Outcomes: GNLCC High level Priorities 2016 (Working Draft)

Published Date: 
Nov 8, 2016
Advisory Team

GNLCC Advisory Team convened for 8 sessions from January-July 2016 to identify a subset of high level priorities for GNLCC.  Objective was to refine upcoming FY17 funding guidance to a set of commonly shared, high priority achievable outcomes with specific objectives and science needs that will guide funding for next 5 years.   The following are a summary of results to date.Advisory Team and staff recommended that GNLCC focus on where it can add most value to greatest landscape conservation need over urgency or program uniqueness.  Participants then reviewed GNLCC’s 5 sub-goals [briefly: (1) maintaining large intact blocks of functioning habitat, (2) enhancing connectivity and landscape permeability, (3) maintaining aquatic integrity, and (4) fostering disturbance regimes within a range of future natural variation, and (5) maintain landscapes where people, communities, stories and identities are supported (see Chambers et al. 2013)] and agreed that connectivity (sub-goal 2) and aquatic integrity (sub-goal 3) with explicit consideration of the cultural goal (5) are high level priorities, recognizing that all elements of the socio-ecological system are interconnected.

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