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This table provides access to GNLCC documents posted on the website. Documents include meeting agendas, meeting reports, presentations, proposals, and outreach materials.

Published Date Group Title Author Document Type
Jun 6, 2011 Other Establishing Aquatic Monitoring Programs for Large-­scale Restoration Projects: Building Understanding for Watershed Conservation in the Face of Climate Change Carlson, A. Proposal
Jun 6, 2011 Other The Washington Connected Landscapes Project: Analyzing Ecoregions, Incorporating Climate Change, Providing Analysis Tools, and Validating Models Schuett-Hames, J. Proposal
Jun 6, 2011 Other Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative Geospatial Data Portal Extension: Implementing a GNLCC Spatial Toolkit and Phenology Server Kern, T. Proposal
Jun 6, 2011 Other Understanding Observational, Proxy, and Modeled Climate Data: Outreach, Training, and Support for Managers and Scientists Pedersen, G. Proposal
Jun 6, 2011 Other Applying Vulnerability Assessment Tools to Plan for Climate Adaptation: Case Studies in the Great Northern LCC Lawler, J. Proposal
Jun 6, 2011 Other Development of a Regional Stream Temperature Model for Mapping Thermal Habitats and Understanding Effects of Climate Change in Pacific Northwest Streams Isaak, D.J. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other Multi-Dimensional Synthesis of Existing Information McFadzen, M. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other National Wetlands Inventory for Idaho and Montana Bon, K. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other Species Adaptations to Climate Change: Baseline Data for Grassland, Sagebrush, and Riparian-associated Landbirds in Bird Conservation Region 10 Wightman, C. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other Predicting Effects of Climate Change on Aquatic Ecosystems: Combining Vulnerability Assessments, Landscape Genomics, and Modeling for Conservation Muhlfeld, C. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other Forecasting the Impacts of Climate Change in the Columbia River Basin: 7 Threats to Fish Habitat Connectivity Maule, A. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other Transboundary DSS to Guide and Implement Conservation, Land Use, Energy, Transportation, and Climate Change Management and Monitoring Servheen, G. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other SageSTEP Long Term Ecological Monitoring Project McIver, J. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other Long-term Changes in Environmental Characteristics Required by Sage-Grouse Predicted Under Climate Change Knick, S. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other Document Fine Scale Linkage Areas and Conservation Delivery in the Northern Rockies of U.S. and Canada Servheen, C. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other Washington Connected Landscapes Project–Part I: Supporting Connectivity Conservation Now and Under Future Climates Schuett-Hames, J. Proposal