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This table provides access to GNLCC documents posted on the website. Documents include meeting agendas, meeting reports, presentations, proposals, and outreach materials.

Published Date Group Title Author Document Type
Mar 4, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Planning for connectivity on national forests under the 2012 Planning Rule Nelson, P Presentation
Mar 27, 2017 Other Webinar slides: Mapping and modeling annual probability of year-round streamflow, 2004-2016--A case study in the Pacific Northwest Sando, R Presentation
Apr 21, 2017 Other Webinar slides: Introduction to the North Central CSC Liaison Team with the Great Northern LCC USGS NC CSC Liaison Team Presentation
Oct 18, 2015 Other Webinar slides: Identifying resilient terrestrial landscapes in the Pacific Northwest Buttrick S and K Popper Presentation
Sep 20, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Factors influencing seasonal migrations of pronghorn across the northern sagebrush steppe Jakes, A Presentation
Jan 24, 2018 Other Webinar slides: Examining the Role of Human Dimensions Thinking in Landscape Conservation Planning Doyle-Capitman, C Presentation
May 16, 2017 Other Webinar slides: Evaluation of cultural ecosystem services using social media data Hale, R Presentation
May 27, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Dreissenid mussel research priorities—understanding biology and environmental tolerances for effective management Waste, S; M Sytsma; L DeBruyckere Presentation
Jul 26, 2018 Advisory Team Webinar slides: Developing a dynamic spatial tool to support collaborative regional adaptation planning in Cascadia Watkins, J, A Shirk, and C Vynne Presentation
May 23, 2018 Other Webinar slides: Communicating climate change: CTUIR climate adaptation planning and community outreach Sanders, C Presentation
Feb 17, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Combining occupancy modeling, crowd-sourcing, and eDNA sampling to inventory bull trout across their U.S. range Young, M Presentation
May 9, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Big sagebrush ecosystem response to changing climate and disturbance Lauenroth, W, K Palmquist, J Bradford, and D Schlaepfer Presentation
Oct 9, 2015 Communication Team Webinar slides: Assessing the integrity and climate resilience of collaborative conservation priority areas in the Columbia Plateau ecoregion Miewald, T Presentation
Nov 18, 2016 Other Webinar slides: America's Inventory of Parks and Protected Areas: An overview of the PAD-US system Johnson, L Presentation
Jan 13, 2017 Other Webinar slides: A three-step decision support framework for taking climate adaptation actions Cross, M Presentation
Jun 18, 2018 Other Webinar slides: A spatial prioritization tool for cross-realm management in the Missouri Headwaters Basin Creech, T and M McClure Presentation
Oct 13, 2017 Other Webinar slides: Adventure Scientists -- Providing data collected at any scale, from any environment Hadley, N Other GNLCC Document
May 15, 2012 Steering Committee Washington Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Working Group (Kamloops, BC) Gaines, B Presentation
Sep 23, 2015 Advisory Team Washington State Landscape Conservation Efforts: Role of GNLCC (Bozeman, MT) Pierce, J Presentation
Apr 14, 2011 Steering Committee Washington Landscape Conservation (Pendleton, OR) Brittell, Dave Presentation
Jul 6, 2010 Other Washington Connected Landscapes Project–Part I: Supporting Connectivity Conservation Now and Under Future Climates Schuett-Hames, J. Proposal
Jun 6, 2011 Other Washington Connected Landscapes Project, Part II: Model Validation Robb, L. Proposal
Feb 14, 2013 Other Validating Connectivity Models and Informing Conservation Decisions in the Columbia Plateau Ecoregion Schuett-Hames, J. Proposal
Nov 13, 2012 Other Using the Conservation Registry for the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative Vickerman, S. Proposal
Sep 7, 2011 Other Using Real Downscaled Climate Information (Missoula, MT) Hostetler, S. Presentation