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This table provides access to GNLCC documents posted on the website. Documents include meeting agendas, meeting reports, presentations, proposals, and outreach materials.

Published Date Group Title Author Document Type
Jun 6, 2011 Other Development of a Regional Stream Temperature Model for Mapping Thermal Habitats and Understanding Effects of Climate Change in Pacific Northwest Streams Isaak, D.J. Proposal
Jul 6, 2010 Other A Landscape Analysis and Monitoring Program for Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and the Greater Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. Phase I Sexton, E. Proposal
Oct 23, 2015 Other 2.3 Elk Valley Cummulative Effects Mangement Framework (May 1, 2015) Ayele, T Presentation
Jun 6, 2011 Other Applying Vulnerability Assessment Tools to Plan for Climate Adaptation: Case Studies in the Great Northern LCC Lawler, J. Proposal
Mar 27, 2017 Other Webinar slides: Mapping and modeling annual probability of year-round streamflow, 2004-2016--A case study in the Pacific Northwest Sando, R Presentation
Apr 25, 2015 Other The Challenge Ahead - Tom Olliff, Great Northern LCC Olliff, T Presentation
Jun 9, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Univ. of Montana’s Wildlife Biology Program: Advancing wildlife and landscape conservation through science applications Bishop, C Presentation
Nov 17, 2010 Other Landscape Assessment Demo Project Meeting Notes (Idaho Falls, ID) GNLCC Meeting Summary
Jan 4, 2010 Other Demo Project Update Olliff, T. Meeting Summary
Oct 23, 2015 Other 2.4 BC Fish and Wildlife Update, Kootenay Region (May 1, 2015) Szkorupa, T Presentation
Jun 6, 2011 Other Understanding Observational, Proxy, and Modeled Climate Data: Outreach, Training, and Support for Managers and Scientists Pedersen, G. Proposal
Apr 25, 2015 Other Workshop Goals and Desired Outcomes - John Pierce Pierce, J Presentation
Jan 4, 2012 Other Demonstration Project Agreement GNLCC Other GNLCC Documents
Nov 20, 2014 Other GNLCC Science Plan, 2015-2019 GNLCC Other GNLCC Document
Nov 17, 2010 Other Demo Project Agenda (Idaho Falls, ID) Olliff, T. Agenda
Oct 23, 2015 Other 2.6 Flathead NCC-BC Agreement Progress Report (May 1, 2015) Holmes, P Presentation
Jul 9, 2013 Other Strategic Conservation Framework GNLCC Other GNLCC Document
Jun 6, 2011 Other Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative Geospatial Data Portal Extension: Implementing a GNLCC Spatial Toolkit and Phenology Server Kern, T. Proposal
Apr 25, 2015 Other What We Know About GNLCC Connectivity - Meredith McClure, Center for Large Landscape Conservation McClure, M Presentation
Jul 29, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Using models to inform management: Sensitive and rare plant distributions and energy development in the Colorado Plateau region Edwards, T Presentation
Aug 1, 2016 Other Ecological Connectivity Project brochure GNLCC Brochure/Info Sheet
Feb 1, 2011 Other 2011 Funding Guidance GNLCC Other GNLCC Document
Sep 7, 2011 Other Workshop Agenda: Federal Land Managers (Missoula, MT) GNLCC Agenda
Feb 17, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Combining occupancy modeling, crowd-sourcing, and eDNA sampling to inventory bull trout across their U.S. range Young, M Presentation
Nov 4, 2013 Other BC Wetlands Trends Project: Okanagan Valley Assessement, Final Report Harrison, B. Other GNLCC Document