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This table provides access to GNLCC documents posted on the website. Documents include meeting agendas, meeting reports, presentations, proposals, and outreach materials.

Published Date Group Title Author Document Type
Nov 13, 2012 Other Transboundary Collaborative Connectivity Analysis: British Columbia and Washington State Schuett-Hames, J. Proposal
Apr 1, 2017 Other Taking action on climate change in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Nelson, R. et al. Other
Sep 20, 2017 Other Webinar slides: Taking action on climate change in the Crown of the Continent Carlson, A and E Sexton Other
Sep 7, 2011 Other Demystifying the Jargon (Missoula, MT) Cross, M. Presentation
Oct 4, 2016 Other Northwest Climate Science Center tribal liaison position Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Other
Jun 6, 2011 Other Species Adaptations to Climate Change: Grassland, Sagebrush, and Riparian-­associated Landbirds in Bird Conservation Region 10 Wightman, C. Proposal
Dec 8, 2014 Other 2014 - Helping Managers Develop and Implement a Consistent Method to Prioritize Conservation and Identify Climate Adaptation Strategies for Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Al-Chokhacy, R. Proposal
Nov 14, 2012 Other Incorporating Ecological Integrity and Stream-network Connectivity into the Western Governors’ Assessment of Aquatic Crucial Habitats in Washington and Oregon Wilhere, G. Proposal
Oct 13, 2017 Other Webinar slides: Adventure Scientists -- Providing data collected at any scale, from any environment Hadley, N Other GNLCC Document
Apr 8, 2012 Other Strategic Landscape Conservation Cooperative Partnerships Facilitate Species' Responses to Climate Change Monahan, et. al. Other GNLCC Document
Sep 7, 2011 Other Opportunities to Use Science (Missoula, MT) Finn, S. Presentation
Oct 17, 2016 Other Webinar slides: The Cabinet-Purcell Collaborative—A trans-border conservation network Trotter K, Robinson L, Batycki C Presentation
Jun 6, 2011 Other Tracking Wetland Changes over Time at Multiple Scales in Bird Conservation Regions 9 and 10 Sargent, T. Proposal
Dec 8, 2014 Other 2014 - Assessing Climate Change Effects on Aquatic Ecosystems in the Crown of the Continent: Implications for Adaptive Management Muhlfeld, C. Proposal
Apr 5, 2016 Other Inter-LCC Greater Sage-grouse Research Projects slides Webinar presenters Presentation
Dec 1, 2012 Other The role of bridging organizations in facilitating socio-ecological transformation: A case study of the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative McDowell, G. Other GNLCC Document
Nov 17, 2017 Other JP video GNLCC Other
Jun 4, 2012 Other FY12 Funding Allocation GNLCC Other GNLCC Document
Sep 7, 2011 Other Using Real Downscaled Climate Information (Missoula, MT) Hostetler, S. Presentation
Jun 6, 2011 Other Communicating and Involving the public and stakeholders in the use of fish and wildlife data and information for purposes of landscape level management and decision support Servheen, G. Proposal
Dec 8, 2014 Other 2014 - Facilitating Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Implementation Through the GNLCC Rocky Mountain Partner Forum Cross, M. Proposal
Apr 15, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Sharing the balance of stewardship—the Blackfoot Drought Response Plan Schoonen, J Presentation
Dec 5, 2012 Other Social network analysis as an aid to landscape-scale conservation McDowell, G. Presentation
Jan 24, 2018 Other Webinar slides: Examining the Role of Human Dimensions Thinking in Landscape Conservation Planning Doyle-Capitman, C Presentation
Sep 7, 2011 Other I & M Remote Sensing (Missoula, MT) Thoma, D. Presentation