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This table provides access to GNLCC documents posted on the website. Documents include meeting agendas, meeting reports, presentations, proposals, and outreach materials.

Published Date Group Title Author Document Type
Sep 7, 2011 Other Large Landscape Conservation (Missoula, MT) McKinney, M. Presentation
Apr 25, 2015 Other Modeling Connectivity Across the GNLCC - Dave Theobald, Conservation Science Partners Theobald, D Presentation
Apr 21, 2017 Other Webinar slides: Introduction to the North Central CSC Liaison Team with the Great Northern LCC USGS NC CSC Liaison Team Presentation
Jun 6, 2011 Other The Washington Connected Landscapes Project: Analyzing Ecoregions, Incorporating Climate Change, Providing Analysis Tools, and Validating Models Schuett-Hames, J. Proposal
Jan 14, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Ranking_watersheds_using_historical_snowpack_data-1-13-16-final.pdf Broberg, L Presentation
Dec 5, 2013 Other NPS Intermountain Region Resource Management, Crossroads in Science, Fall 2013 National Park Service Other
Nov 13, 2012 Other Using the Conservation Registry for the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative Vickerman, S. Proposal
Apr 1, 2011 Other Demo Project Agenda (Bozeman, MT) Bischke, S. Agenda
Sep 7, 2011 Other GNLCC Overview (Missoula, MT) Converse, Y. Presentation
Apr 25, 2015 Other The Institutional Lay of the Land - Gary Tabor, Center for Large Landscape Conservation Tabor, G Presentation
May 16, 2017 Other Webinar slides: Evaluation of cultural ecosystem services using social media data Hale, R Presentation
Jun 6, 2011 Other Establishing Aquatic Monitoring Programs for Large-­scale Restoration Projects: Building Understanding for Watershed Conservation in the Face of Climate Change Carlson, A. Proposal
Sep 20, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Factors influencing seasonal migrations of pronghorn across the northern sagebrush steppe Jakes, A Presentation
Dec 5, 2013 Other A Science-based Decision Support Tool for Prioritizing Mitigation of Road Impacts on Western Governors’ Association Wildlife Corridors Ament, R. Proposal
Nov 13, 2012 Other Facilitating Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Implementation Through the GNLCC Rocky Mountain Partner Forum Cross, M. Proposal
Mar 4, 2016 Other Webinar slides: Planning for connectivity on national forests under the 2012 Planning Rule Nelson, P Presentation
Sep 7, 2011 Other GNLCC (Missoula, MT) Olliff, T. Presentation
Apr 25, 2015 Other Connectivity in Action: Crown Managers Partnership - Erin Sexton, Crown Managers Partnership / University of Montana Sexton, E Presentation
Jun 6, 2011 Other Document Fine Scale Linkage Areas and Conservation Delivery in the Northern Rockies of US and Canada – Phase II Servheen, C. Proposal
Dec 5, 2013 Other Developing Management Guidelines for Creating Resilient Whitebark Pine Ecosystems in the Northern Rocky Mountains Using Spatial Simulation Modeling Keane, Bob Proposal
Nov 13, 2012 Other Transboundary Collaborative Connectivity Analysis: British Columbia and Washington State Schuett-Hames, J. Proposal
Mar 1, 2012 Other 2012 Funding Guidance GNLCC Other GNLCC Document
Sep 7, 2011 Other Integrating Science into Federal Land Management (Missoula, MT) Wright, V. Presentation
Apr 25, 2015 Other Connectivity in Action: Grizzly Bear Connectivity Mapping and Management in the Canada-US Transborder Region – Michael Proctor Proctor, M Presentation
Apr 1, 2017 Other Taking action on climate change in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Nelson, R. et al. Other