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The Great Northern LCC geographic area encompasses parts of the Columbia Basin, the Rocky Mountains, and the Sage Steppe of the Interior West.

One of the technical inputs for the 2013 National Climate Assessment, the report Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Ecosystem Services, is now available on the US Global Change Research Program website.

Hosted by the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, the Future Forests Webinar Series serves to facilitate conversations among scientists and managers about the range of future management challenges and opportunities following beetle outbreaks.

In Spring, 2012, Yvette Converse was invited to speak about the Great Northern LCC at the University of Montana Resources & Environmental Policy Forum. This video is of Yvette’s presentation, The Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative: A Collective Vision for our Landscape.

On August 15, Steve Gordon and colleagues, presented information on the first phase of a two-year project to move 40 caribou to the Purcells-South herd.

From the Western Governors' Association (Aug 10, 2012)