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Date Event Type Title
Oct 24, 2016 to Oct 28, 2016 Other Wildland Fire Canada Conference
Oct 14, 2016 Other Webinar Webinar: Online aquatic invasive species databases
Oct 13, 2016 Other Webinar Webinar: Exploring the new Landscape Climate Dashboard
Oct 13, 2016 to Oct 14, 2016 Other Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent Conference
Oct 12, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: The Cabinet-Purcell Collaborative—A trans-border conservation network
Oct 6, 2016 GNLCC Partner Forum Columbia Basin Partner Forum meeting
Oct 4, 2016 Other Webinar Webinar: Can we conserve wetlands in the Columbia Plateau under a changing climate?
Sep 27, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Biophysical Settings Review in the Great Basin: What it is, How it works, Why it matters
Sep 26, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: A science framework for assessing threats to sagebrush ecosystems and greater sage-grouse and prioritizing conservation and restoration actions
Sep 14, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Factors influencing seasonal migrations of pronghorn across the northern sagebrush steppe
Jul 19, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Using models to inform management: Sensitive and rare plant distributions and energy development in the Colorado Plateau region
Jun 8, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: University of Montana’s Wildlife Biology Program: Advancing wildlife and landscape conservation through science applications
May 26, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Dreissenid mussel research priorities—understanding biology and environmental tolerances for effective management
May 18, 2016 to May 19, 2016 GNLCC Steering Committee Steering Committee Meeting - Jackson, WY
May 6, 2016 GNLCC Partner Forum Columbia Basin Partner Forum meeting - Portland, OR
May 3, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Big sagebrush ecosystem response to changing climate and disturbance
Apr 29, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Using resilience and resistance concepts to manage threats to sagebrush ecosystems and sage-grouse
Apr 27, 2016 to Apr 28, 2016 GNLCC Workshop Green River Basin LCD Workshop
Apr 14, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Sharing the balance of stewardship—the Blackfoot Drought Response Plan
Apr 4, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Inter-LCC greater sage-grouse research projects: Results and applications to inform landscape-scale management
Mar 28, 2016 to Apr 1, 2016 Other Wildlife Management Short Course in Colorado
Mar 23, 2016 to Mar 26, 2016 Other Northwest Scientific Association 2016 Meeting, Bend, OR
Mar 3, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Planning for connectivity on national forests under the 2012 Planning Rule
Feb 10, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Completing the loop: Combining occupancy modeling, crowd-sourcing, and eDNA sampling to inventory bull trout across their U.S. range
Jan 20, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Climate change adaptation—From concept to standard practice
Jan 13, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Ranking watersheds for climate change resilience using historical snowpack data
Nov 18, 2015 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Modelling landscape conservation of greater sage grouse in relation to oil and gas development
Nov 17, 2015 GNLCC Partner Forum GNLCC Columbia Basin Partner Forum meeting
Nov 9, 2015 to Nov 10, 2015 Other Sustaining Big Game Migrations in the West: Science, Policy, and People
Nov 4, 2015 to Nov 5, 2015 Other 6th Annual Northwest Climate Conference