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Date Event Type Title
Dec 13, 2017 to Dec 14, 2017 Other Tribes & First Nations Climate Summit
Nov 15, 2017 to Nov 16, 2017 GNLCC Workshop Green River Basin LCD Workshop II
Oct 11, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Adventure Scientists -- Providing data collected at any scale, from any environment
Oct 9, 2017 to Oct 11, 2017 Other 8th Annual Northwest Climate Conference
Sep 20, 2017 Other Webinar Webinar: Successful vegetation management practices in the sagebrush-steppe
Sep 20, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Taking action on climate change in the Crown of the Continent
Jun 22, 2017 to Jun 23, 2017 GNLCC Steering Committee Steering Committee Meeting - Cranbrook, British Columbia
May 26, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Sage steppe resilience mapping in the Green River Basin
May 10, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Evaluation of cultural ecosystem services using social media data
Apr 19, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Mapping change agents in the Green River Basin: Land use and energy development
Apr 19, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Introduction to the North Central CSC Liaison Team with the Great Northern LCC
Apr 4, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Putting aquatic species on the map--The eDNAtlas and Archive for aquatic taxa in Western North America
Apr 3, 2017 to Apr 5, 2017 Other 5th Annual Spatial-Statistical Stream Network Models training workshop
Mar 30, 2017 Other Webinar Webinar: Future climate and protected areas in the West: Exploring the new Landscape Climate Dashboard
Mar 29, 2017 to Mar 31, 2017 Other 5th Annual Spatial-Statistical Stream Network Models training workshop
Mar 27, 2017 Other Webinar Webinar: Nine tips for making a truly terrible landscape conservation design
Mar 22, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Mapping and modeling annual probability of year-round streamflow, 2004-2016: A case study in the Pacific Northwest
Mar 3, 2017 Other Webinar Webinar: Grizzly bear management in Cascadia
Feb 17, 2017 GNLCC Partner Forum Columbia Basin Partner Forum meeting
Feb 15, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Using social network analysis to evaluate change in a large-scale collaborative management initiative
Jan 31, 2017 Other Free, live broadcast: Impacts of woodland expansion in western rangelands
Jan 13, 2017 Other Webinar Webinar: Building a Climate Shield and Aquatic eDNAtlas to protect biodiversity in the American West
Jan 10, 2017 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: A three-step decision support framework for taking climate adaptation actions
Dec 19, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Green River Basin LCD - Mapping riparian vegetation
Dec 14, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: Hierarchical population structure in greater sage-grouse provides insight into management boundary delineation
Dec 6, 2016 to Dec 7, 2016 GNLCC Steering Committee Steering Committee Meeting - Stevenson, WA
Nov 28, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: A Multi-Scale Examination of the Distribution and Habitat Use Patterns of the Regal Fritillary with Notes on the Monarch
Nov 16, 2016 GNLCC Webinar Webinar: America's Inventory of Parks and Protected Areas: An overview of the PAD-US system
Nov 14, 2016 to Nov 16, 2016 Other 7th Annual Northwest Climate Conference
Nov 9, 2016 Other Webinar Webinar: Wind energy and geater sage-grouse: Sage-Grouse Research Collaborative results